Networking in Leuven, Belgium

Leuven is a beautiful, interesting city about a half hour from Brussels. This is the site of this year's European Conference on Social Work Research. It has a stunningly intricate city hall building with more statues affixed to the exterior than you can count. It has cobblestone winding streets (cause for me to get lost... Continue Reading →


Brussels will Take Your Breath Away

I am attending a European social work research conference all week in Belgium, but in Leuven, a suburb of Brussels. I've never seen Brussels, so I opted to come a little early and just spend one day there. I didn't do any research into what to do once I got here. I just figured I... Continue Reading →

Pardubice, Rated Best Town to Live

(in Czechia that is) I came here with my interpreter, Marta, to conduct research interviews with what turned out to be a remarkable organization called Don Bosco.  They assist and work with young people who grew up in institutions and have little chance of making it on their own without assistance. Some are developmentally delayed.... Continue Reading →

Plzň, Land of Beer and Snowstorms

It started snowing heavily just before we arrived in Plzň, and it didn't give up for two days. That did not stop us (even though my Fulbright compatriots were both seriously ...let's say affected...from the last night in Humpolec). I'm from Minnesota, so what do I care about some white fluffy stuff? Michelle, however, is... Continue Reading →

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