Christmas in an Agnostic Nation

The Czech Republic is one of the most atheistic/agnostic countries in the world. Yet, they embrace Christmas. That includes the tree, St. Nick (St. Mikuláš), and even a big focus on making wreaths with candles to light for the four Sundays of advent. I love this contradiction, I admit! Christmas markets are a big thing... Continue Reading →


A Medieval Moravian City: Olomouc

Olomouc (pronounced oh-low-moats) is a city that just feels old. Yet there is so much going on here. It is home to Palacký University which brings it some youthful life. A lot happens amidst ancient cathedrals and fortress walls. I came here to conduct interviews for my research and am so excited to go back... Continue Reading →


When I got off at the main train station in Brno, I was shocked at how metropolitan it is. Brno is the 2nd largest city in the Czech Republic after Prague, and Ostrava is the 3rd. But Brno feels a lot like Prague, whereas Ostrava feels calm by comparison. It was rush hour and insanely... Continue Reading →


One thing I love about living in Ostrava, and in the Moravian-Silesian region, is that so many small villages with gorgeous castle remains or beautiful town squares, are a short train ride away. You can make a decision to go at the last minute, spend $6 round-trip to get there, and come home by early... Continue Reading →

Research and Daily Life

Although this blog is not intended to delve into my research, I feel like I should at least say a few things about it. My featured photo is taken at a colorful kindergarten that is not used as a kindergarten because of population declines attributed to soviet rule. This one is used to support foster... Continue Reading →

Exploring Poruba

As part of that whole 'try not to assume anything' mantra that's necessary when living in a foreign country, it fits the best I think when someone invites you to do something with them some evening or weekend. You never ever know what will happen. Yesterday, Pavla invited me to come to her neighborhood of... Continue Reading →

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